March 2015

$tanka feat. Freejack & Money “Thirstee” (OFFICIAL VIDEO)



Ricky Rivera, later becoming known as Ricky BATS, aka “Born A True Spitter,” grew up in the South Bronx section of New York City. Street violence and drugs were common in his neighborhood and he began selling drugs at a very young age. By the early 90’s, he was deep into the street life. The drug game can supply money and food, and plenty of enemies.
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Brooklyn’s Own, “Lanie J”

Brooklyn, New York, rap, Female Rapper, ArtistLANIE J, born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, is the oldest of seven siblings. From a young age, she knew that she wanted to entertain her family. All her relatives either worked or went to school. Lanie J tried them all but couldn’t see herself behind a desk for the rest of her life working for someone else. She said to herself , “Lanie J, you have to be your own boss. I experienced a lot in life and writing was my go to thing, my therapy. I love writing whether it was poetry plays novels music I would have journals piling up. I remember having a dream of being on t.v. and moving people’s hearts. Even crazier is that my mother came to me she said she had the same dream. From then on I was determined.” Her brother Lunr Maximus was on a development deal with Roc Nation. Him and his partner Rich Son from Banger Boys /MUSIC Makers would hit Lanie J up and ask her to come to their studio and just write reference for other artist. They would vibe for hours. “I loved it!!! I was writing so much for them that I thought to myself, well I if I can write for others, I can write for myself & put myself out there. My brother sent me a beat asked me to write to it for someone else and when I heard it I knew that I wanted to keep it for me. I wrote to it, recorded it and now my “Single Do About It” is taking off and people are really loving it!

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