Don’t you miss the days when hip-hop meant something more than just money, cars, hoes and jewelry? There was real substance and truth behind the artist lyrics. The art of rap has gone through many transformations, but one still remains constant is the message this is what the rapper “Bully” brings to the forefront with his style of music. Originally from Yonkers, New York “Bully” began his love for hip hop music with influences like LL cool J, Slick Rick, Cool G, Heavy D and Biggie Smalls. Bully started with the infamous rap group D Block for several years. Bully felt like he played the bench far too long and wanted an opportunity to get his own shine. Bully saw his other comrades getting independent record deals, while he waited in the trenches.

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He was constantly being told that his time would come, but he was too hungry and determined, therefore leaving the group. Bully felt that he needed he had to branch out on his own there are now ill feelings or resentment with D Block members. Bully stated the relationship with D Block members is still all good. He was just needed to be more on a business minded path for his future. Bully wants his fans to know he is still motivated, still on his grind to putting out real music. Bully aims to be dropping at least eight songs with his level of perseverance and dedication this is only the beginning. Bully feels that music has lost a level of authenticity. Radio stations continue to promote the same generic music on a daily basis, he aims to throw some salt into the game. Not only is Bully working on promoting his music he is also on the grind to promote up and coming artists. Just like Mr. Cee brought us Biggie Smalls, he is working with an unknown 19-year-old female artist, in hopes to develop and mold her with his knowledge of the industry and advice.
Sometimes people don’t have the patience to develop and advance real talent Bully hopes to change this trend. Bully future goals are to continue to be in the game killing it. He wants to have completion in his life, as long as his supporters continue to believe in him. “A million followers will not sell records” Bully continues to have the mindset that true artistry sells records and talent. Bully explains that people don’t listen to the lyrics anymore just a hot beat, he wants to change the game to what it once was with his take on real hip hop music. Currently, Bully has been working on his mixtape “D Block lost files” title track “LAME (Loving All My Enemies), which you can find on and live Bully can material can also be found on YouTube “Bully D Block” for videos and freestyles. Bully wants to continue to reach the masses he will be performing in Los Angeles in the month of July for four days. Bully plans to drop his album in Spring/Summer. Bully has the innovative talent that has been kept silent now he wants his music and voice to be heard by fans and competitors.

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