Chaos Tha Realyst

Chaos Tha Realyst a.k.a Bombay is an artist, songwriter, producer, and
also engineers his own music and others in the industry. Has worked
with artist such as Red Cafe, Paul Cain, Mel Matrix, Push
Montana, Stimuli, Stack Bundles (r.i.p) and has engineered for Fat
Joe, Corey Gunz, D.J. Self, Whoo Kid, D.J. E-Stacks and others. Artist say
Chaos’ music reminds them of the old guttah Brooklyn that everyone misses
with a presence of Ghostface and a voice of Beanie Sigel, and wordplay
of Styles P and metaphors just as good as anybody u think he is a clever contender for hip hop.

Chaos real name James Turner was raised on the grimy streets of Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn always had a knack for getting into trouble whether at school or in the street. Raised by Loving parents his first years of school and when they separated that’s when things went “downhill” in his words. He started hanging with the wrong people and even tried gangbanging to prove a point. But between all this, he still had a passion for music like no other. Battling in high school, he was known as the Bed-Stuy bully for his cocky ways and Beanie Siegel image. He proved that he can hold his own and with a team of lyrical beast (he calls them) behind him it only made him better. C.O.S (City of Shaft) and “Breakin’ Bookz Ent,” Is well known throughout certain areas of N.Y. and California for their vocabulary use and clever flows. Now with Brooklyn on his back and a chance to make it in an industry full of finesse, Chaos feels he has a large chance of making it with the best of them so lookout Music world “Tha Realyst” is here to stay. Stay tuned.

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