NOJACK, as he explained himself, is a man that keeps it real. He states that he is energetic, athletic, and charismatic and has sex appeal for the ladies. With no lack of confidence, he assures me during the interview that he is definitely a jack-of-all-trades.

He comes from the state of Illinois, city of Peoria and now lives in California. He has been in the rap game for several years and has been steadily perfecting his craft. Originally known to the music industry as DIZZY D, in the beginning, he mentions that he was in it for all the wrong reasons. He said that he lavished in the fame, women, and money and was content with his status at the time.

He took a few years off to study the tape; like an NBA player or boxer studying his opponent, soon made a comeback. Now with a new vision and new name. He was known as the infamous, INFERNO JACKSON action packed with rhymes galore. A fiery rapper with skills, but soon realized that the name was common.

As he recalls, he was lounging with a friend and approached by a fan, which had asked if he had a show that weekend. He asked, “why?” The person explained, that there was another guy with the same name performing. Right then, he knew he had to distinguish himself from others, and become more unique to the world.

Inferno Jackson was making waves in the rap industry, but felt as though he had to appeal to his Christian mother to listen to his music. Listen to his music was something that she would not do, with obscene language and the “n” word spewed throughout his lyrics. So, it was time that he restructured his game plan and became the man that we now know as, NOJACK.

Nojack has had some credible projects in the past that can be researched. Some of them are: DECEPTION, CRITICAL DAMAGE, LYRICALLY BOUND vol.1, WELCOME TO, NOJACK CITY, and SHADES OF GRAY to name a few.

Nojack is quick to refer to himself as the man “ Bo Jackson” of action packed music, and listening to his catalog; he is not selling wolf tickets. He also has a style that may sound somewhat familiar to the hip-hop world. As he states he has acquired it from the legendary Krayzie Bone, of BONE THUGS and HARMONY. He further mentions that his style is creative with dimensions, and style that is not done by anyone else.

Nojack says that he gets inspiration for his music from his past struggles of hard times, and states that he keeps a 9-5. He says that he makes music according to his mood and keeps in tune with what is going on in the world today, but is sure to continue to build himself up mentally and physically.

He states that, “Picasso was an artist, and was just bringing his art to the world and that’s what I do. I just do me.”

As far as gripes are concerned, he has a few. Nojack is adamant about phony engineers as he sates. And how they are quick to push artists in and out like a conveyer belt. He states that he has had issues in this area at a point and time, and had felt like a certain engineer was pushing artists as if they were on a cookie sheet cookie cut and put out. He states that Eddie Ruxspin (the engineer of his current projects) has been very instrumental in helping him fine tune his craft, and he holds him in high regards.

Contact info:
Twitter @iAmNojack
Instagram @NojacksWorld

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