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As she and her crew perform their daily tasks, she expresses thanks to the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, for guiding and blessing them with love, divine wisdom, knowledge, and strength to be successful. Thanks to her family, friends, fans, & well-wishers. Thanks to the manager of Shoroc Production who encourages her to keep following her dreams and reaching for the stars.

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Upryze “Tyron Hill” hails from Inglewood California where he is an aspiring up and coming producer. From a young age Upryze always had a urging to create and produce music.

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spodee chocolate wine


Article – Benefits of Handwashing

Everyone should be aware, that there are benefits of hand washing, as a primary step in disease prevention. Hand washing as a 1st step in disease prevention should never be taken lightly. There is a chain of command in disease prevention, and if those steps are followed, the chance of the spread of most communicable diseases is eliminated.

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Article – Keisha Cole Day

The historical Bay, East Oakland, California. Once know as a thriving middle class black town. This area has had it’s share of chaos. Especially around the 90’s. 97th St., 98th St., and 96th St. are also known as the “hood”. At first glance you will see poverty, and the residue of a very strong drug culture in East Oakland.

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