Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

These Georgia peaches know how to spice up the screen. They knuckle up when necessary and still keep the weaves and make-up tight!

Previously this season on Love and Hip Hop ATL, Erica and Scrappy started off as an engaged couple, K.Michele was one of Mimi’s best friends as of last week and Rasheeda and hubby Kirk reinforced their bond after renewing wedding vows … all of the above situations are now null and void!

Last night’s episode had attention grabbing moments, like when Momma Dee actually apologized to her son for being a bit over-bearing in his relationships. It’s easy for Momma Dee to be nice now, after she had a hand in breaking up Scrappy and Erica. Erica and Shay came face to face at Tracey’s fashion show. That was an intense moment, but it cooled down when they both chose to be ladies and kept it moving respectfully.

Drew and Tracey’s business deal is a done deal! Drew, Tracey’s business partner and baby daddy, practically begged Tracey for $25,000 to start a sneaker store and after finally getting it- he handed the dough over to a third “business partner,” with no contract. Where they do that at??
The money and the business partner disappeared into thin air.

Stevie J has actually been on his best behavior. He was determined to be honest with Joseline and let her know that he wants to work with Shay Mac. Joseline felt some type of way (threatened) and was completely disrespectful when Stevie tried to bring them together. His good efforts ended in Joseline attempting to snuff Shay Mac while on her way out. Close, but no cigar.

The highlight, hands down, was when Mimi confronted K.Michele about a recent radio interview in which K.Michele called Mimi’s new man gay, “in her opinion.” Words were exchanged and as usual, K.Michele acted out her emotions physically and hit Mimi over the head with flowers, retrieved to her dressing room and started to sing over Mimi’s rants.

Next week is sure to be another banger and we’ve got you covered!(by: Dina)
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