As for the pressure of filling the shoes of his musical family, Sean Black doesn’t stress and takes it all in stride. “I feel pressure, but I also understand we wouldn’t have a lot of the great people we have today without it, so I embrace the pressure,” says Sean Black.
His EP “The Blackout” set for release in summer 2013 will have music everyone from 4 to 94 will enjoy. Sean Black is young and fearless, but has a charming maturity in an age when youth is the sole focus of music. The harmonic tone of “Stole My Heart”, written by Sean Black, captures his maturity as he sings the sorrow of a man’s heartbreak.
Then there’s the catchy cadence and clever wordplay in “I Killed Her,” a song about how the cocky male ego can murder and destroy a relationship beyond repair.
The mature and murderous extremes are balanced out with “Be On”, a youthful song about that awe struck feeling of seeing the girl of your dreams for the first time and preparing for that second chance encounter
Writing from the heart is a necessity for Sean Black. “I’m better at writing what I feel rather than talking out my feelings,” says Sean Black. “Writing is how I express my feelings and most of my songs will be real experiences that occurred in my heart, mind, and life,” Sean Black continues.
With Sean Black, it’s all about making a true connection through his music. “I want everyone to see that I’m not just an artist, but I’m also a person,” says Sean Black. “A person that feels and goes through the same daily problems you go through,” he says.
Sean Black takes the music business just as seriously as the art. He currently attends Berkeley College in New York City and plans to major in Business and Marketing. “Music brings life to everything around it. It makes life itself better day to day. Music is my everything,” says Sean Black.

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