E2W: I got the link to your video “Champion.” So you have an album coming out, when is that due?


TS: The album coming “UNDERDOG” is coming out by June/July no later than that for summer 2013. “Champion” is the first single/video released off the album.


E2W:  That’s wassup! And who are some of the collaborators, give us some names?

TS:  Definitely. I got Terminology, Lil Fame of M O P & a few others artists I’ll keep under wraps until the actual press release. I got a lot of love from artists from my era that I reached out to and they came through and showed love.

E2W: How long have you been in music game?


TS: I’ve been in the game since ’97. That’s when our first break came through in 1997. Since then I been in the game always just grinding and due to Pun’s passing I pretty much went independent since then. Me and my brothers Cuban Link and another member Tune (who passed), we were a part of a group called Full Eclipse.  We got picked up by Terror Squad, but then when Pun passed we separately left Terror Squad; at that time we just did what we had to do. But my focus right now today is my album. My manager JV pushing it, trying to get the word out there.


E2W: How did you get your name? It’s different. What does it mean?
TS:  It’s basically being a BEAST! Like the street terminology, “He’s a beast.” People use to be like” yo you be going hard like a BEAST, you be going hard!!  My name was Seis, but I did a freestyle for Tony Touch one day and we got on the joint with Pun and Tony was like, what’s your brothers names and Pun was like that’s Cuban Link and that Seis, that’s, Triple Seis. From then on it just stuck.


E2W: Tell us about your new album. What is the concept?


TS: It has various concepts. Like I have songs that will make you party, make you think, make you laugh. One of the songs on the album is called “Stray Bullets.” That touches a situation that’s up to date. The concept behind that joint is basically about someone being a bully and you can’t get at him but when you do get the opportunity the person isn’t alone. They are in a crowd and you still try to get at him, but you wind up hurting someone else. Another song called, “You Only Call Me When You Need Me.”

E2W: “You only call me when you need me.”That sounds like some shady stuff!


TS: Exactly! So there are a lot of different concepts and hooks and the beats bring out the creative thinking. Even [my single] “Champion,” has a message, even when you’re knocked down, once you get yourself up on your feet, that’s what makes you a champion!


E2W: Yes, I heard it. That song has a lot of inspiring lyrics, telling people to believe in yourself.


TS: That’s why it’s called the Underdog, everybody roots for the Underdog.


E2W: How long were you with Madd Records?

It was for a short time. It was more like a one album deal.

E2W: Do you compare yourself to any particular artists, as far as style?

TS: I don’t really compare, but there are artists that make me think like Mos Def,Nas, Kool G Rap when I want to go back to that era. And now I listen to Raekwon, Wu-Tang, J.Cole. I listen to everybody new because I always want to stay on my toes. That’s just the way I came into the game.


E2W: Is there a major influence, old school or new school? Who do you like?


TS: I listen to everybody but there’s a broad range. Everybody is always trying to put out something new all the time. But if I had the chance to work with someone, I would take a Drake or Kanye production -taking it to that level.

E2W: Where are you from? What is your background/heritage?


TS: I was born in the US… But I’m of Hispanic decent.

E2W: How do you feel about or see the Spanish speaking influence or contribution in Hip-Hop?
The Hispanic presence in the industry is not as strong especially when it comes to Hip-Hop. What Pitbull is doing or what Reggaeton is doing is a little different. You don’t have a lot of Joel Ortiz or Terminology out there, but you do have a lot of unsigned artists on the independent set. With the internet, you can create your own following, your own store. If the majors were the only store, they would control your budget, but now you can become your own store. Open a website and keep it moving.


E2W: So is the internet helping or hurting the industry?


TS: It’s helping the industry, because its keeping the underground hip-hop alive. If everything was just main stream you wouldn’t have the Talib Kweli and others. You wouldn’t have that lane to circle hip-hop overseas.

E2W: Are there any female artists out there you would like to work with, R&B, rap?


TS: I always wanted to do something with Mary J. Blige. If the opportunity would come up and I can spend money on anyone, I’m putting my money on her.


E2W: What are the new projects, mixtapes?


TS: Right now we are doing promo shows and getting on features. So whoever gets to see this article/feature, get at me with inquiries at We have a show coming up with WBLS and we at Maxwell’s in Hoboken NJ on the 23rd, so I’m out there. I’m working.


E2W: Do you ever see yourself doing anything with Fat Joe in the future?


TS: This is business, so right now I have to look at that questions with a business approach, which is cordial so maybe.


E2W: Where can people find you? Your site?


TS: I have tripleseis bx and my music page on Facebook which is: triples seis music dream big


E2W: Anything you want the readers to know about you or your team, anything you want to share?


TS: Definitely, I want to give a special shout out to my friends, my manager JV, to all my brothers, JQ and Bighead and my actual blood brothers. Special thanks to everybody involved with the album for all their hard work, Square View Media, Wicked Dee for all the production, PX, Tango Left, various producers, DVS and other producers on the album. I also have a joint on the album for Pun called “For my Twin.”Shout out to everybody who keeps Pun alive in thought and spirit, that’s all love. by: ANGELICA MANN







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